African-American Jewish Mormon on “Privilege”

As a professor of mixed race (English, Scottish, African-American, German) who began life in poverty and then created success in many areas, I offer my perspective on “Privilege.” I look “white” and a percentage of my DNA is indeed English, German and Scottish. A percentage is also “black.” I have Jewish ancestors, and also Mormon. I created this video to show a sustainable way that all people can help re-imagine their own unique privilege to better “work” for their lives.

Born into poverty in a single-parent home, being an outcast in our community and later in life learning of my African American, Jewish and Mormon heritage, has provided me with a unique perspective. I view this worldview through the light of the voluntaryist creed.

I hope that my views in this video titled: “African American Jewish Mormon on “Privilege” ” are helpful to you!

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Humanitarian activist Shepard is a husband, father and grandfather. He is a successful entrepreneur and enjoys helping others learn about voluntaryism, free-market capitalism and general personal development. An author, publisherradio show hostYouTuber and connector of movers and shakers of like minds, he names libertarians who most influenced him as Karl Hess, Murray Rothbard, Carl Watner and Larken Rose.

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