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Is the Non-Aggression Principle Self-Negating? You Decide!

A person named Jared emailed me out of the blue about a week ago with the following letter. It contains a request for feedback followed by an argument that the Non-Aggression Principle as made popular by Murray Rothbard was self-negating on the grounds that the creation of private property is an act of aggression. What ensued were several letters back and forth in which we both flesh out the other's argument and offer our critique. In the end we understood each other better, but alas no consensus was reach. Read the full thing

Editor’s Break 013 – Milo and Berkeley is a Property Rights Problem (12m)

Editor’s Break 013 is an analysis of the Milo Yiannopoulos and UC Berkeley issue that’s seen a protest turn into a riot. Once again, ill-defined property ownership stemming from government intervention in the lives of peaceful people is to blame. Listen to Editor’s Break 013 (12m, mp3, 96kbps) Subscribe via RSS here. via iTunes here. via Stitcher here. via blubrry here. via Player.FM here. Read the full thing