Gun Control Won’t Stop Mass Shootings; We Must Look Deeper (7m) – Editor’s Break 035

Editor’s Break 035 has Skyler explaining why he believes that gun control won’t stop mass shootings of the sort that occurred recently in Las Vegas, killing dozens and injuring hundreds.

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The Golden Rule

Nobody asked but …

I don’t get it.  Isn’t the Golden Rule simple and straightforward enough?  I heard a young girl in the Ophthalmologist’s waiting room this morning, “Why can’t people just treat each other as they would like to be treated?”  There’s the confusion — why do people suspend the Golden Rule?  Why do they take killing implements, with malice of forethought, to a high floor of a hotel overlooking an open air concert, to shoot more than a quarter of a thousand people?  Too soon?  Then, when is it a good time to address why the Golden Rule is observed too often in its breach.  Children and thoughtful adults want to know.  Gun control is not the answer — guns do not observe the Golden Rule to the good or the bad.  It is people who forget the Golden Rule.

— Kilgore Forelle

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Fearing “Terrorism”

Terrorism” has no grip on me. I’m not brave, though.

My biggest fear has already become reality: the loss of one of my kids. I won’t say I exactly survived because not all of me did. I’m somewhat changed. Maybe those around me see it; maybe it’s all tucked inside and they don’t. Either way, I’m still here.

And especially now, to me, “terrorism” is nothing but loserism. It can’t scare me.

It really never has. Whether it comes from ISIS, ICEis, Washington DC, North Korea, or the local cops. They are all just gangs of bullies looking for people to intimidate. If you don’t cower, they lose.

Although I will say that on September 11, 2001, I did a lot of looking up at the sky. On that day I had planes (or whatever– depending on what you believe about that day’s events) causing problems east, southeast, and west of me. I felt kind of surrounded.

That day, caught up in the viral stupidity, I flew a “Betsy Ross” flag from my deck (I will not have an official federal Holy Pole Quilt on my property). I’m ashamed of that knee-jerk reaction now.

Yet even then, I wasn’t looking for government to “save” me. I knew the most likely result would be a further destruction of liberty from a government excited to have an excuse and a populace too scared to object to any new escalation of tyranny.

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