Unschooling Dads with Skyler Collins, an Interview

“Skyler is an unschooling dad of three children and is the editor of the book Unschooling Dads: Twenty-two Testimonials on Their Unconventional Approach to Education. It’s not often that we get to hear about unschooling from the dad’s perspective and I really love that you took the time and effort to pull this book together. I really enjoyed reading their perspectives.”

Don’t Let Bad Parenting Ruin Your Holiday (56m) – Episode 100

Episode 100 welcomes Chantel Quick to the podcast for a chat with Skyler about her article titled, “Dear Parents: 6 Things to Remember This Holiday Season”. Topics include: Chantel’s journey to peaceful parenting, blogging at EarthBasedMom.com, self-directed living, bribing kids with gifts, controlling and manipulating children, lying to kids, use of the Santa myth, forcing affection with relatives, and more.

How to Stop Raping People (1h44m) – Episode 098

Episode 098 welcomes Jessica Burden back to the podcast for an important and lively conversation on what people should do stop the epidemic of sexual assault. Topics include: pedofilic neighbors, sex offender registries, community vigilance, hitting children, what trauma is and what causes it, adult connections with children, childhood autonomy, sexual drives, puberty, personal responsibility for one’s security, double standard on inebriated responsibility, institutional analysis, false accusations, Trutheum, and more.

Spanking is Hitting, Period

“Let people parent how they want to parent” is for things like what time your kids go to bed. You cannot say that when you are being violent to children. And I will say this one more time. Hitting anyone is violent. I will defend the right of children over your assumed “right” to hurt them. If someone starves their child of food, do you protest, “let people parent how they want to parent?!”