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Nobody asked but …

The fog sickens.  A few days ago, I expressed total confusion as to why anybody would want to own a Porsche SUV.  I just was not putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 2.2.

Today, a friend explained it to me, bringing to the fore again something I had mercifully managed to lose down the memory hole.  It seems that if an auto manufacturer wants to navigate the wilds of federal and state environmental standards, they must understand higher mathematics.  The final number by which bureaucrats judge compliance with clean air standards is the product of arcane manipulations.

To make a long story short, numbers of SUVs dictate numbers of lowslung European racing cars.  Porsche is trying to jigger numbers filed with bureaucrats, and unintended consequences arise again.  This time the unintended consequence is a fish-fowl combination such as a Porsche SUV.  To make it even more ludicrous, the model name is “Cayenne.”

Another friend told me that she had just been looking at one at a dealership a few days ago.  Please, don’t.  Good advice holds that you should not order sushi from a taco truck.  An even stronger admonition would be well taken regarding the purchase of an oxymoronic sport utility vehicle (SUV) from a racing car builder.

— Kilgore Forelle

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Letting Government Control You

If I want to do something, I don’t stop just because government decides to mandate it.

For example, I want to wear a seat belt when in a vehicle. I did so long before it became “the law.” I didn’t stop wearing one when government made it a “crime” to neglect to wear one.

I understand physics. I want to reduce my chances of injury in case of a wreck. I am not under any delusion that a seat belt guarantees anything– Cheyenne was wearing a seat belt and it didn’t help.

But, I know the risks both ways, and that’s my choice. I wouldn’t dream of forcing my choice on you (but if you are riding in my vehicle, I will ask you to put on the seat belt, and I may choose to not drive you if you won’t).

I don’t support using “laws” against you if you make a different choice, and I understand that cops who make “traffic stops” based on seat belt use are nothing but bullies and thieves. Maybe worse.

In other cases I haven’t stopped doing some things just because government decided to forbid them. And I haven’t starteddoing things just because government forbids them, either. There are a few things I have chosen to do after government made them mandatory, just to avoid being murdered, not because I agree. I wish I didn’t think this is necessary, but in a few cases, I do.

Mandatory or forbidden, government’s opinion on matters is generally irrelevant to me.

If you change your behavior just because of government or its “laws”, you are letting them control you no matter which way you go. If that’s your choice, at least recognize it.

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