Left and Right are Bad, Left is Much Worse

I’m finding that many moderates, libertarians and independents have lost perspective on left/right cultural dynamics. I think, sometimes, their desire to not take sides (good for them), has made them equate both sides to being equal in effect and harm. However, I believe this can be psychologically, partially, motivated by a fear of being unpopular.

When I speak to these types of people of the left trying to control speech, they will often point out the right doing it also. However, to do this totally ignores proportionality. The right has no cultural authority to challenge speech laws and codes and even if it did, it would only apply to very narrow parameters (flag). The left is changing speech laws and codes everywhere they can and it applies to a very wide ranging fundamental speech issues. To equate the two is to be ignorant of the cultural climate or being afraid to stand for certain ideas to certain people.

When speaking of political violence I see moderates, libertarians, and independents try to say it is both sides, however, it still seems delusional. The violent left has tens of thousands of individuals who believe, support and act on the idea of using political violence. These people are defended by the whole spectrum of the left from college professors, people in the media, politicians, millionaires, et cetera. The right has a couple of hundred people who are hated by everyone on the right and supported by no one anyone knows (David Duke and Chris Cantwell are irrelevant in comparison to the left).

I can go on with many other issues, gay marriage, transgender issues, family values, or whatever. Almost all cultural issues the right is losing and are utterly impotent. Many issues I am very glad they are losing on.

I think it feels sexy to say your above it. It feels sexy to say a spite on all of them. I do both of these things, I sure as hell feel sexy. What doesn’t make me feel sexy is acting like both sides are harming me equally. In 1998 I felt like I connected more with the right on economics and far more with the left on everything else. In 2006, I felt like I was slightly less on the right economically, but still quite left culturally. In 2017, I don’t feel exactly on the right for anything … but I feel as anti-left as I can get. I don’t think my sentiments have changed as much as the culture has changed.

In the mid twentieth century the right had a stranglehold over the culture and I would’ve been happy to say I was not a lefty, but I am surely anti-right. Today, I think the exact opposite. I am finding that too many moderates, independents, and libertarians are often motivated by cowardice, and virtue signaling to acknowledge the current cultural climate. I’m not saying anyone should ‘do’ anything. I just am finding myself a little grossed out by people being limp wristed in being critical of the left.

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Detours to The “Left”

A while back I wrote about the fellow travelers who have forsaken Rightful Liberty to move to the political “Right” (although they’ll deny that’s what they’ve done).

But, there are also those who have moved to the “Left” and abandoned liberty.

I suspect those made their move away from liberty as a reaction to the “Right”– I can’t imagine they just decided to reject liberty out of thin air.

Maybe the toxicity of the “Right” rhetoric repelled them so thoroughly that they bounced directly into a belief system exactly as repugnant. They took on the “social justice” causes, no matter how anti-liberty they are, just because they weren’t the causes of the “Right.”

Sometimes the Left is right on an issue, just as the Right is sometimes right. Both are wrong on most things, and agree with each other far more than they disagree– this is why statism is the world’s most popular religion. If the Right or the Left were usually correct, there wouldn’t be much for me to disagree with them over. That’s not the world which exists.

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