How to Get Good at Dealing With Massive Change

We all go through times of massive change: a divorce, death in the family, change of job (or loss of job), moving to a new home or city, turbulence in your relationships, political chaos, and all kinds of uncertainties and demands on your time and attention. It can be overwhelming and distressing. But what if we could get good at dealing with all kinds of changes? It would open us up in times of change, so that these times can be times of deepening, growth, and even joy.

Creating Structure to Go Deep

A friend of mine was telling me about two of the most successful times of his often very scattered life … and they both came when he was very focused on one learning project. Having a single focus really allowed him to grow — not only to deeply learn the topic he was studying, but to grow as a person. He’s been experiencing that kind fo focus recently, picking one project and really giving it his full focus. But his question was this: how should I combine having one clear main project for this year, while also doing lots of other things I want to do? Basically, he wants to create focus and depth in one project, but still maintain his health, business, relationship, and mindfulness practice. It’s a good question.