American Exceptionalism

When others do it, it’s terrorism; when Americans do it, it’s national defense.

When others do it, it’s a war crime; when Americans do it, it’s collateral damage.

When others do it, it’s torture; when Americans do it, it’s enhanced interrogation.

When others do it, it’s unprovoked attack; when Americans do it, it’s shock and awe.

When others do it, it’s imperialism; when Americans do it, it’s global defense of freedom.

When others do it, it’s lying propaganda; when Americans do it, it’s breaking news on CNN.

When others do it, they go to hell; when American do it, they go to heaven.

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Be All, End All

Nobody asked but …

There is no entity that can do it all, answer all questions.  There is no entity that can do defense, imperialism, law enforcement, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, diplomacy, security, education, politics, travel, migration, housing, care for the aged, care for the disabled, economics, finance, agriculture, stewardship, and so forth, and so on.

To the extent that modern society attempts this futility marks our failure in the evolution of our species.  These precepts may have been useful for 18th century monarchies and their colonists, but not rising above them will make us unfit for survival.

— Kilgore Forelle

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Nobody asked but …

It seems to me that there are 3 kinds of scarcity: 1) natural, 2) monopolistic, and 3) creative. The first and third are conducive to free markets. The second can produce horrors.

Natural scarcity arises from natural phenomena such as dispersion (difficulty of collection) or concentration (ease of control). The second case may often lead to monopolistic scarcity.

An egregious example of monopolistic scarcity arose under King Leopold II of Belgium wherein he enslaved an entire region of Africa, the Congo. This was a corruption of capitalism and imperialism. Most other examples are those of statist communism/socialism.

The third category presents the example of Disneyland. Private resources were gathered and developed so that a new category of human want was created.

With the purported discovery of water on Mars, it will be informative to see which market dynamic will apply. Also, we must consider whether it is ethical to take from Mars, according to voluntaryist principles.

— Kilgore Forelle

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They Will Be Slaves Forever

For over two hundred years, Americans have voted, and petitioned, and protested, and campaigned, and filed lawsuits against state agents and departments, and filed complaints against abusive government enforcers and bureaucrats, and voted some more. All the while, the size and power of the ruling class has grown, getting its tentacles into more and more aspects of everyone’s lives, constantly expanding taxation, regulation and surveillance, not to mention military imperialism and war-mongering all over the world.

If you think that any political or “legal” solution will ever reverse this trend, you need to stop lying to yourself. If the people are not willing to disobey and resist the ruling class–to be free without the permission of politicians and legislatures–then they will be slaves forever.

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Partitions I

Nobody asked but …

I hope to make an appearance on Skyler’s podcast soon.  I am scheduled for the evening of February 21.  Let’s hope that holds up.  I hope to talk about the historical statist practice of dividing and re-combining territory.  Our current attitude toward the Earth is a conviction that it needs to be marked up with borders, divisions, and brands.  This attitude is historical, and can be traced back in the Western world to Alexander the Great, nay even further to instances in the Cradle of Civilization, Mesopotamia.  But earlier examples are not as clearly linked to the bright web that starts with Alexander.

The biggest dog in the fight was the Roman Empire, followed by the British Empire, the European Hegemony, and the American Empire.  But the first is gone.  The second is waning.  And the last two are in full sway, regarding the Western hemisphere.

There is something in the DNA of the West that makes it OK to engage, via the elites, in a giant game of Risk.  It is appropriate that the current box for this game depicts images reminiscent of the Crimean War, for the Crimea has been a past site of aristocratic land grabs, as is the case again today, with different players.

I plan, in a series of blogs, to examine some notable aristocratic re-shuffling of land without due regard for the people thereof:

  • Iraq, from the Ottoman Empire, which had crammed Kurds, Sunni, and Shia into a single state.
  • The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, artifacts of the British Empire.
  • India and the Pakistans, more artifacts of English imperialism.
  • Catalonia, and other fragments on the edges of Spain.
  • Vietnam.

— Kilgore Forelle


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Political Interests, National Security, & Moral Imperialism (24m) – Editor’s Break 038

Editor’s Break 038 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: political vs. public interest, forgiving others of the mistakes they make, Trump’s foolish approach to national security, trusting people to choose political leaders but not to take care of themselves and others, moral imperialism, and much more.

Listen to Editor’s Break 038 (24m, mp3, 64kbps)


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