Lawrence Cohen: Create a Closer Bond with Your Child Through Play (50m)

This episode features an interview of psychologist and author Lawrence Cohen from 2010 by Laura Markham of Aha! Parenting. Topics discussed include: the parent-child bond: how to stay connected, and heal from disconnection; the healing role of crying for babies, toddlers and children – and how parents can best help them; how humans discharge tension and difficult emotions – and how to help your child do so; the “Stay-listening” technique to help your child with difficult emotions; the best way to deal with tantrums; what is going on with kids when they look right at us and do exactly what we’ve told them not to? – and how should parents respond?

Susan Radzilowski: Practical Strategies for Peaceful Parenting (1h7m)

This episode features a parenting workshop by social worker Susan Radzilowski from 2016. This workshop views behavior through the lens of positive parenting. A guiding principle of this framework is to remember that all behavior has meaning. Using positive discipline strategies when your child’s behavior is a concern can help to transform problem behaviors into…