Panties in a Bunch

Cities across the country (including Meridian, Idaho) are getting their panties in a bunch over dockless scooters from companies such as Lime and Bird. Unsurprisingly, the cities want to control the scooters and the people who use them. This is stupid and unnecessary. These tiny, low-speed, low-power scooters (just 250 watts) should not be considered or regulated as vehicles. They should be regarded as “Pedestrian Assistive Technology” (albeit without requiring users to have any defined disability.)

There should be no requirements mandating drivers licenses, insurance, or helmets, nor should there be any age or sobriety limitations. The scooters should be allowed anywhere pedestrians are permitted such as sidewalks and along streets when sidewalks are unavailable. Let me reiterate that there should be no more regulation on these scooters than there should be on shoes (which is none.) Get the bureaucrats out of the way and let this new technology flourish free from interference by the state and its enforcers.

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The State Should Be Abolished

There is no threat which has ever existed in the history of mankind which even approaches the threat posed by the state to the lives, liberty, and property of the individual. For this reason and many others, the state should be abolished, but it should also be exposed—every secret it holds should be revealed, entirely unredacted, for the open review of every human being on the planet.

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Outsourcing Censorship to Corporate Partners

I have great respect for private property and private businesses, but there can come a point at which a private business becomes a public corporation that is able to exist and grow primarily due to the protection and support of the state. These corporations not only enjoy special legal protections (such as limited liability) but they can also leverage these protections to obtain monopoly status as the sole provider of electricity, water, information, etc. in a given region or field. Defending the supposed right of these entities to cut off or “de-platform” certain people and brands may seem harmless when there is still nominal competition in the field (such as with social media), but what happens when it’s an electric company cutting off a server farm, ICANN revoking domain names, or an ISP blocking traffic to certain websites?

At what point do we recognize that the state outsourcing censorship to its corporate partners is every bit as dangerous as censorship undertaken by the state itself? If we don’t learn this crucial lesson soon, the much-vaunted “freedom” of the information age may come to an abrupt and perilous end.

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Why Health Insurance Costs Continue to Skyrocket

Insurance is a hedge against the possibility of future expenses. Expecting to purchase insurance after the fact to pay for preexisting conditions is not only ridiculous but it represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what insurance actually is. Insurance is a method to pool risk. Preexisting conditions aren’t a risk, they’re a reality. Laws requiring insurance companies to accept people with preexisting conditions and to pay for ongoing and easily anticipated treatment expenses are one of the most significant reasons why health insurance (and healthcare) costs are continuing to skyrocket.

The truth is that the health insurance industry isn’t even insurance any longer. It’s just a capitalistic facade for a system of socialized medicine based on subsidies. As a healthy individual, your insurance rates are double or triple (or more) the market equilibrium price because you are being coerced into funding the consumption of others. (And that’s in addition to the hundreds of billions in tax dollars spent directly on subsidized health care every year.) The idea that the U.S. doesn’t have socialized medicine is a fallacy.

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How You Exercise Your Freedom

The “supreme” court is a bad joke. No human being and no group of five or nine human beings has any right to impose their preferences and beliefs on others. Their claimed authority—like all authority claimed over anyone other than oneself—is entirely fallacious. Their opinions are not special or honorable or binding. They are just opinions enforced through violence, no better than any gang leader’s whim enforced by his henchmen.

That said, on the specific subject of which opinions Brett Kavanaugh might choose to violently impose on others, I tend to agree with Andrew Napolitano’s assessment: “[Thomas] Jefferson once remarked that unless you pick someone’s pocket or break someone’s leg, no one should care how you exercise your freedom or pursue happiness. I wish the president had nominated a person who believes that, as well. But he didn’t.”

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Sustained Noncompliance Will Result in Execution

No government is ‘free’ and no government is really ‘more free’ than any other. Fundamentally, government is just some people violently imposing their preferences on others. The more those imposed preferences happen to align with your preferences, the more free the government seems to you, but the fact remains that sustained noncompliance will result in execution under all governments.

Don’t believe me? Try performing some simple victimless act like driving faster than the posted speed, and then simply refuse to comply when told to “stop,” “pull over,” “get out of the vehicle,” “show me your hands,” and “get on the ground.” I guarantee you’ll be dead before the experiment is over.

Here’s the kicker, though. The outcome will be the same regardless of the government or the specifics of which preferences it violently imposes on people. All governments are the same. All are willing to murder you if you won’t bend the knee.

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