On Parenting

An insight I had recently is on who we are raising as parents. We are not raising children, rather, we are raising adults. Childhood is a very small part of life for us. It only constitutes the first 15 years, or so. The importance of this insight, that we are raising adults, is a reminder that how we engage with our children and the behavior we model will determine the type of adults that they will become.

On Stoicism III

A thought occurred to me recently that I attribute to my study and practice of Stoicism. I drive all around a small metro downtown area (Salt Lake City) for six hours a day delivering food. I am often stopped at a green light by a homeless person walking more or less swiftly across my path.

On Freedom III

Contrasting freedom to liberty is simple: liberty is the absence of physical restraint by others, freedom is the absence of mental restraint by yourself. In other words, freedom is knowing deep inside your bones that anyone attempting to violate your liberty is acting offensively criminal.

On Feminism

When I think of feminine energy, I think creation. Like birth, Spring, and newness, feminity is this and many other things. As such, markets are feminine, because markets are the result of the latticework of creative actions.

On Stoicism II

I study Stoicism daily, and try hard to practice what I learn. The ancient Stoic masters ranged from one being a slave to another, an emperor. To say that Stoicism is prepared for every up and down that life has to offer would be an understatement. The current COVID-19 era is no exception to that.