Life Outside the Cloister

Every time a person asks how homeschoolers learn about relationships or socialization, I think that some folks must believe a) that homeschooled kids must be stuck in the home all day, since their own experience is with being stuck in a cloister, and b) they must not realize that lots of life actually happens outside that tiny cloister in which they spent most of their early lives.

A Poor Way to Measure an Economy

After every disaster, we are told that there will be economic benefits due to the cleanup efforts. It’s obvious that many people will be working to rebuild, and will collect salaries, and will spend on all sorts of things. No doubt, there will be a blip in the local “domestic product.” But if that’s the entire story, why wait for a disaster? Why not take a wrecking ball to your own city, in order to spur demand and production?