Yes, Corporations Have Free Speech Rights Like Individuals

A short exchange with u/upchuk13 who believes the state should force private companies to respect free speech. I posted the displayed picture to the r/Anarcho_Capitalism subreddit with the following additional commentary, “The furthest thing away from a libertarian solution is demanding that the government force these tech companies to respect free speech when likely they’re…

Is Lockheed Martin an “Arm of the State?”

I have another reddit discussion for your reading pleasure. I kicked this one off with this image posted to r/Anarcho_Capitalism, with the commentary, “This so-called libertarian thinks that Amazon is not giving their employees enough benefits in the form of better working conditions and the employees have no other options but to either endure it or starve. Everywhere I go online and offline I see companies hiring. SMH.” The following ensued with user upchuck13 which quickly veered away from Amazon to Lockheed Martin.

Defamation is Not Aggression, Ergo, Not a Crime

Tom Wood’s is absolutely correct when he laments that today’s young libertarian is just not studying the classics, the theorists that came before. Here’s one recent anecdote of someone who can’t even properly define aggression in the libertarian sense, which mistake confuses him into believe that defamation is a crime which should be legally prohibited. Judge for yourself.