Feminism is Not an Ideology

I have been in debates with many feminists. I have found one point quite powerful that I have often brought up, and I find it an interesting how feminists have responded to it. I believe it really highlights their psychological disposition and view of the world.

I can often discuss things in a somewhat direct and hostile way, but I often can be extremely patient and good natured in the most contentious subjects. I find both avenues productive towards different ends. I often use this avenue when I’ve been patient and good natured.

“Why are you arguing with such hostility towards me? I can be your golden investigator. I have 2 daughters, 3 female employees, many female friends, a wife, and I will have many more female employees, and likely even another daughter or two. I am articulate and outspoken about what I believe in. I shape the culture of the women I work with and I am the prime educator in my family. If you really believe in your ideas, I am a perfect candidate to win over.”

This never works to get them more even mannered, or desiring to convince me of their ideas. I find this interesting. Most people who believe in an ideology would ponder about this point, and realize that their philosophical goals could be realized by finding someone who has some influence towards their ends. However, this thought never phases a feminist.

The reason feminists don’t respond to this line of thinking is that their ideas aren’t exactly philosophical. They desire power. They desire domination. They view men as predators, and women as victims. When I say this, they get angry that I feel no shame about my influence. They desire to rip any influence I have away from me. They get more angry and they become vastly more hostile. When I mention them alienating me they get even more hostile. Why? Because they don’t want my influence. They want their boot on my face. They want me to beg them for forgiveness, validation, and the right to exist. They don’t desire to convince me of their ideas because they aren’t motivated by their ideals, they are motivated by their psychological rage and simplistic victim/predator views of human interaction. This is why they are attracted to the most outlandish claims, validate any irrational argument and support violent action against disfavored peoples … because it is all motivated by the same sort of rage that fuels all tribal animosity.

I think people are in error by treating feminism as an ideology. The ideology is a cover, it is just emotional reactionism rooted in scapegoats, and trendy pop sociological claims.

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Aaron White, married to a swell girl, is a business owner and unschooling father of two, going on three. His hobbies are music and poker. He resides in Southern California.

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