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Seize or Build the Means of Production?

You often hear left anarchists (anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists, etc.) promoting the idea of "seizing the means of production" and smashing corporate hierarchy, and whatnot (regular communists and syndicalists, too, of course). But aside from corporate hierarchy that persists as the result of political privilege, why should anyone seize the means of production rather than building the means of production for themselves? continue reading

Youth These Days!

You can’t grow up without hearing old timers complaining about younger generations. The phenomenon has been going on for millennia. But why does such an asinine thing persist? Clearly it’s a little dumb to complain about younger generations, people that old timers were directly responsible for raising. Is it a subconscious lamentation of what they deep down recognize as their failure? Or is it merely a demonstration of old age rigidity smashing head first into dynamism? I’m leaning toward the latter. What do you think? continue reading

Nationalism is Racism, So Why the Schizophrenia?

Racism is rightly denounced in American society. That's not to say there isn't racism, but when its not covert or closeted, it's publicized as one of the most despicable beliefs a person could hold. Even when you pay millions of dollars to athletes of another color, as in the case of Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers, you become public enemy number one. continue reading

Leftist’s Preferred Property Rule

For some it's ethical, for others it's consequential, but the preferred property rule of all leftists, from the government-loving social democrats and progressives to the anti-state anarcho-communists (et al), seems to me (and I could be wrong) to be that if you need something that someone else has (and doesn't need), you should get it, by any means necessary. continue reading