Because You’re a Moral Human Being

“Logic,” according to the border-fetish crowd:

If you don’t approve of pointing a gun in some stranger’s face just because he wanted to step across an imaginary, arbitrary line, in the middle of the woods or the desert, nowhere near any private property, but over a line between the geographical territorities claimed by two different ruling classes, then you must:

  1. be a fan of violent state extortion;
  2. think that every Muslim in the world is a perfect angel;
  3. not believe in private property boundaries;
  4. want a hundred random foreigners living in your house;
  5. hate everything about Western culture, and;
  6. love communism and the New World Order.

Actual logic:

If you don’t approve of pointing a gun in some stranger’s face in that situation, maybe it’s because you’re a moral human being who opposes the initiation of violence.