You’re Always Ready to Begin Where You Are

“Readiness” is nothing more than the combination of willingness, honesty, and deliberate practice.

It’s the willingness to step up and give your best effort even if it’s not equal to someone else’s best.

It’s the honesty to share what you have to offer without feeling the need to overpromise on a bunch of things you know you can’t deliver.

It’s the commitment to treating every performance as an opportunity to get feedback on how you can improve the quality of your practice.

Readiness is never absolute. At every moment, you’re always ready for some things and completely unready for others. But you always have a level of readiness that you can act on.

Respecting current readiness expands future readiness.

When you do what you’re ready to do right now, you acquire experiences that make you ready to do other things.

The readiness to handle what happens in the middle comes from respecting your readiness to start.