Your Wealth and Your Freedom

Wow, people still whining, from the “left” and “right,” about who tried to “influence” U.S. elections. It’s laughably stupid that that is what anyone is worried about, or cares about. The elections are always a show: the establishment picks two puppets, either of whom will do what the puppet-masters want, and then you get to choose one … except that part is rigged, too. There is one  ruling class in the U.S., and on a daily basis it conspires to steal more of your wealth and your freedom. Which puppet is at the forefront doesn’t change that. Ever.

If you’re all upset that someone over in Russia might have nudged one puppet or the other towards or away from the throne, you just don’t understand what the hell is going on here. Of course, that is why the media is harping on it: so the subject class thinks that that is what matters. “We must preserve our sacred democracy!” You mean your political masters must preserve the illusion that you have any say or influence in who your next slave-master will be, or in what he will do to you?