Your Own Immune System

The political parasites not only do nothing to encourage people to strengthen their immune systems, but they mock and demonize the people who do focus on that. What makes this extra-evil is that, even when a vaccine “works,” all it does is to “trick” your own immune system into fighting an infection. Your immune system is still the thing that actually conquers contagions. Vaccines don’t. That is not debatable. That is the entire premise of vaccines.

So when the political parasites still downplay the importance of having a strong immune system (even just simple things like taking enough Vitamin C and Vitamin D), while pushing as hard as they can these sketchy, unnecessary and dangerous “vaccines” (using that term very loosely), it’s because they don’t give a shit about your health; they only care about the billions of dollars they are making off of exploiting people’s fear. If you trust those people to look out for your health and well-being, you need to get your head out of your ass.