What is Your Favorite?

Writes Kicking it Unschool:

The other day one of Josh’s friends was over. Bug was watching Thomas the Train, and this friend asked Bug which train was his favorite. Bug didn’t understand the question, so the friend kept pressing. Josh finally answered, “He doesn’t have a favorite I guess.” “But he has to have a favorite,” his friend responded.

It made me think back to when I was in school and we filled out those “About Me” worksheets with favorite colors, food, tv shows, sport, etc. I’m not really sporty so that question was always awkward to answer. I like different colors for different situations, so I didn’t like definitively stating one was my favorite. And then I wondered what other kids would think of my answers. A boy who’s favorite color was pink would have been taunted the rest of the year, maybe for years. What if other kids thought my favorite tv show wasn’t ‘cool’?

I’m starting to feel that I don’t like the “What is your favorite…?” question. I feel it implies everything has to be ranked most favorite to least favorite, artificially ranked best to worst. I feel it implies you can’t enjoy the full range of what is out there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having favorites. Or asking “Do you have a favorite…?” I am not liking the idea that you must have a favorite.

Just the early morning thoughts knocking around in my head. What do you all think?