Wes Bertrand Endorses Everything Voluntary

“I loved the range and scope of this freedom anthology that Skyler Collins has created. For those who wonder about where voluntaryism begins and ends, this book shows that it encompasses practically everything – hence the title. The various articles within shed lots of light on many key topics, including the roots of coercion found in education and parenting. As noted, it’s here that the seeds of a peaceful and prosperous stateless society will be sown. The reader will encounter many libertarian classics as well as many articles that aren’t so well-known, but are nonetheless tremendously insightful. Some of the writers don’t explicitly advocate a stateless society and reveal faulty premises at times, but one will find much common ground in their overall promotion of human freedom. Ultimately, this book explains why all our lives are immensely enriched by applying voluntaryist principles.” – Wes Bertrand, author of The Psychology of Liberty and the CompleteLiberty.com podcast.