We Are You

A day or two ago I had the displeasure of hearing an ad on the radio, which was the mindless mercenaries of the state trying to sound human, in the hopes of getting more people to join up to be mindless mercenaries. The ad starts with some guy describing all the ways in which he is a normal dude, just like you. Eventually he gets around to saying that he is a Pennsylvania state trooper. Then he says, on behalf of all his fellow badge-wearing automatons, “we are you.”

No, dude, you’re not. You see, I use my conscience to decide how to behave. I don’t initiate violence against others, on my own or at someone else’s behest. You, on the other hand, accepted a job which requires you to unthinkingly obey immoral orders which tell you to initiate violence on a regular basis against people who didn’t harm or threaten anyone. You are the hired thugs of politicians. If you joined the force to “help people,” you picked the wrong goddamn profession.

No, you’re not me. What’s next? The Bloods and Crips doing a PR campaign, also ending in, “we are you”? This link mentions one of the ads, but doesn’t actually play the whole thing. I can’t figure out if it’s funny or sad how open they are about the fact that today everyone fears those parasitical dickweeds, but that they really want people joining their gang.