Warning: Dangerous Cult!

This is a serious warning to all parents about a nefarious and very dangerous cult that has recently been approaching and recruiting innocent but ignorant souls, enticing them into joining a very violent gang—which is really more of a cult than a mere gang. This cult has been responsible for countless murders, acts of terrorism, and many other forms of violence. And the members of the cult have been so brainwashed that they view their violent aggression against innocents as being righteous and noble, because they have been taught that such actions are for the common good, because they serve the religious “vision” of the group’s leaders, which involves coercing everyone else into blind obedience to the agenda and decrees of the leaders of the group, and into compliance with their view of how everyone and everything should be.

Unlike many cults, this cult has had a series of different leaders over the years, but there is always one at the top (always male), and then a second tier of powerful cult members below him. This form of hierarchy allows the overall influence of the group to have a greater reach than one charismatic cult leader alone could have. The cult follows a “cell” system similar to many terrorist organizations, where different factions of the group run their extortion and terror rackets more or less independently in their different areas, each smaller subgroup claiming control over its own turf, while still sometimes working together with other subgroups, and while still receiving instructions from higher up in the cult’s chain of command.

Below the top tiers in the group (those in charge), there is another level which consists of the cult’s brutal thugs who do the actual dirty work of the organization. Those who enforce the will of the leaders are given special status, and are highly revered and respected by the other cult members. As is common in other gangs, when a member of the cult seeks to become part of the enforcer class of the group, he must perform a sort of initiation, where he is sent off on a mission (planned by those at the top), where the “pledge” is sent off to assault, terrorize or even kill complete strangers, in order to demonstrate his unquestioning loyalty to the cult.

All new members of the cult, especially those being groomed to be among the top tiers, are systematically brainwashed, and put through rituals and indoctrination designed to cause both their individuality and their moral consciences to be weakened and eroded over time, until their entire focus—and even their own measure of self worth—is solely about their “service” to the group. And there have been countless examples of truly horrendous acts committed by members of the cult who sought to obtain approval, praise and rewards from the rest of the gang, especially from those at the top.

Unfortunately, this cult is already very widespread, and has been successfully recruiting children, even young children, for many years now. This cult is extremely dangerous, both to the innocent minds being recruited, and to the public at large, and needs to be stopped. But the first step in stopping it is for the decent among us—that means you—to be able to notice and identify the tell-tale signs about whether the cult may be active in your area, and may be preying on your neighbors, even your children. So keep alert and observant, and watch for any suspicious behavior which may be an indication that the cult’s recruiting methods are being employed in your neighborhood. This may include, among other things, the following:

1 – The young recruits are compelled by the group’s leaders to swear undying allegiance to the group, by way of a specific oath which they can often be seen reciting, with their right hands on their chests, as they face the main symbol of the cult, which can often be found adorning the meeting-places, “enforcer” hangouts, and even private residences of the cult members. Sometimes the symbol is displayed quite brazenly, and at other times in more subtle ways.

2 – The enforcers of the cult, whenever they commit their acts of violence, usually wear obvious conformist uniforms which openly display the cult’s symbol. (There are two main types of gang uniforms and gang colors, one being mostly blue and the other often including green camouflage, but both of which almost always include the main symbol of the cult.)

3 – Many of the cult members, even just the general members, truly believe that the acts of violence committed by the enforcers are inherently righteous and praise-worthy, even when they involve murdering innocents. (As those in many terrorist organizations do, the members of this cult may speak of such deaths as unfortunate but necessary, insisting that the overall allegedly noble goal of the group justifies even those actions which kill so many innocents.)

4 – Both the leaders of the cult, and their followers, speak in strange, abstract terms when they talk about the commands and agenda handed down by those at the top, as if they are divinely inspired, inherently righteous commandments, and as if anyone who disobeys such commands deserves whatever violent punishment is inflicted upon them by the group’s enforcers. They call the arbitrary and ever-changing dictates of the cult leaders “the law.”

Be warned that even if you find out that someone you know has been subjected to this cult’s indoctrination and brainwashing, deprogramming the person can be very difficult and time-consuming. They will often get emotional and angry, insisting in the righteousness of the group, and in the necessity and morality of all the types of violence committed by members of the group. They are likely to be very reluctant to admit that they have been duped into believing lies, and duped into cheering for widespread evil. The members of the cult consider themselves to be perfectly sane and reasonable, despite how much nonsensical and self-contradictory mythology the cult requires them to believe, memorize and repeat.

Because they have been subjected to such intense mind control, attempting to reason with them is often a fruitless endeavor, as is appealing to their consciences (precisely because membership in the cult requires them to forsake and abandon their own moral code and individual judgment). When identified, members of the group, particularly those in the enforcer class, should be approached with extreme caution, as many of them will not hesitate to threaten, physically assault, or even kill anyone who is not a member of their cult, and who does not unquestioningly bow to and obey every last decree of the cult’s leaders.

Be sure to educate your friends, neighbors and family members—and especially your children—about the existence of this violent cult, and the very real threat it poses to peaceful society. But also keep in mind that the cult has many millions of members already, probably including a number of people you already know! So remain vigilant, beware of those who are members (who won’t think twice about advocating that the cult use violence against you), and do what you can to expose and defeat this horrendously destructive cult religion, before it victimizes even more people. Always keep an eye out for the cult’s symbol, which looks like this:

P.S. None of the above was inaccurate, nor was it sarcasm. The fact that the cult is so widely accepted that its members can’t recognize it as such does not change the reality of the situation at all. The blind belief in the mythological deity called “government” is the most insane and dangerous superstition to ever plague humanity. If your response to hearing that is to have an emotional, knee-jerk, angry outburst … then the cult recruiters have already gotten to you. Seek help. I would suggest my book, The Most Dangerous Superstition as a possible remedy that has already proven very effective for many former victims of the cult.