Veteran’s Day is the Worst; I Hate Veterans

Now before you blow your top, you easily triggered little snowflake you, allow me to rephrase: I hate the idea of veterans.

We only have veterans because we have war, and we only have war because greedy politicians just can’t help themselves to the spoils that are the result of sending other people’s children to war.

Whether it’s “our” greedy politicians or “their” greedy politicians, usually both, we simpleton schmucks believe the propaganda and sign up in the thousands to be used as cannon fodder for somebody else’s profit.

When will humanity learn?

When humanity stops hitting and dominating its children, that’s when.

If we want to end the idea of veterans, and what ethical person doesn’t?, we need to end the idea of war. We do that by striking the root of where violence is born, in the home.

Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, stop hitting and dominating your children!