Their Own Crummy Societies

I used to think wealth inequality was a super dumb thing to care about. If everyone is getting wealthier and your life is getting better, why care about other people attaining wealth faster? It is a petty and envious thing to care about and to judge your own value compared to. I still think wealth inequality is a super crummy thing to care about, but partially because of these crummy people, I think it deserves a little more more attention than I was paying to it previously.

Humans are naturally envious, resentful people who lust after what other people have to various degrees. The larger the wealth disparity, the more envious and resentful commies/looters become. This is why we need a more gentle version of helicopter rides … decentralization (my solution to everything).

I think that societies should be smaller units of voluntarily associated people. As societies start showing large value or income disparities, it should fracture the society and have an amicable split. Otherwise, you get far too much social/political/cultural pressure and that leads to death and destruction.

People in Brazil don’t spend much time fretting over the rich people in Norway, why? Because they are separate societies. The solution to commies and other envious folk isn’t murderous helicopter rides, it is the starting of their own crummy societies.