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I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am not a Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian or Independent. My credo is that ALL forms of coercion and the threat of coercion—theft, rape, force, fraud, kidnapping, the purposeful infliction of bodily harm—are evil acts no matter who or what organization inflicts the coercion. The perpetration of coercion for a good intention is just as evil as for a bad intention since it creates victims. Politicians are the prime perpetrators of coercion in a society since they, with the sanction of the populace, inflict the most coercion. It should be evident that my doctrine is a doctrine of peace and all doctrines that sanction and condone its opposite are doctrines causing class warfare, domestic warfare and international warfare—note the state of the country and the world.

The most evil politicians are those presently in office since they are in the position to inflict, and actually do, perpetrate the most harm to a society. Right now, July 20, 2016, president Obama and his administration are the most evil and the most destructive of society. Once a new president takes office, he or she and the new administration will then become the most evil and destructive. So if I criticize Obama I am not picking just on him. The time will come when the next administration will be in office and receive my wrath. My disdain is universal and equal towards all sides of the aisle. I’m an equal opportunity critic and display no favorites and show no mercy towards political action. There is no such thing as good coercion. All coercion is evil and must be recognized as anathema to the well being of mankind.

So when I criticize liberals, I do so with vehemence and bitterness. Their coercive policies are the cause of the ills of society. In like manner, I criticize conservatives with the same vehemence and bitterness. They too are the cause of the ills of society. Both factions are birds of a feather. Both think that their form of coercion is good coercion. It makes no difference if you (yourself) can’t figure out how to fashion a society of peace after castigating the ideology of coercion. The first step towards the salvation of mankind is to do away with coercion. If the people of the country would simply abandon the ideology of coercion, in time, harmony, prosperity and peace would follow as surely as night follows day. Once people are actually free to exchange, create and associate, the amount of peace and prosperity that will be unleashed upon the world will make the past progress of mankind seem to have grown at a glacial pace.

Where do you stand on this issue? Are you a victim creator? Do you favor coercion or do you favor only voluntary exchanges among people? If you favor coercion, no matter how limited, you should not complain when its effects backfire against you or your loved ones. The backfiring is already in progress. The evidence is seen in the increase in the number of victims amassing on the planet.

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