Swamp Gold

Nobody asked but …

<sarcasm alert>Yeah, right.  Thieves will refund stolen money, with interest, when their need for crime disappears.</sarcasm alert>

I read yesterday where Ted Cruz thinks we can pay for The Wall by redistributing El Chapo’s ill-gotten gains — just when I thought that politicians couldn’t get any stupider.  Now today I am slapped upside the head with the idea that we can get money from the dissolution of DEA.

When funds go down the rat hole of government, only rats will gain.  Money never sees the light of day thereafter.  Although the state can own nothing, its minions like Cruz, POTUS, and Ocasio-Cortez can, and do, pretend that it owns all.  Certainly, once stolen, lucre like forfeiture of assets funds stay stolen for all time.

Politicians are so spoiled by the ease with which they pull the wool over our eyes that they will never quit the dodge.

— Kilgore Forelle