Stop Trying to Control One Another

Most conservatives think I’m a liberal because I oppose the death penalty, war, the draft, censorship, drug laws, and other state interference in people’s personal lives.

Most liberals think I’m a conservative because I oppose obamacare, welfare, food stamps, taxes, environmental regulations, and other state interference in business and the economy.

Most libertarians think I’m an anarchist because I refuse to engage in the game of voting for people to run the state rather than agitating for its abolition.

Most anarchists think I’m a statist because I still vote against levies and tax increases (if you ask my opinion on robbing me, I’ll voice my objection) and because I support a free market and private property rights.

In reality, I’m just a guy who believes it’s wrong to hurt people or take their stuff and who realizes that all claimed authority is illegitimate. I don’t have the right to control other people and they don’t have the right to control me.

Believe what you want. Call me what you will. I just want people to live in peace and stop trying to control one another.