Statists Using Violence, Whodathunkit

Some, certainly not most, on the Left have resorted to protests-turned-riots over the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency.

I have little doubt that some, certainly not most, on the Right would have behaved similarly over the election of Hillary Clinton.

What both groups have in common is their willingness to use violence to force their preferences onto others. Thankfully these people are in the minority.

I don’t know how either candidate will or would have governed, but I do know that the US presidency is a job too powerful for anyone. In my humble opinion, it shouldn’t even exist.

Scrap it. Scrap all of Washington, DC. 300+ million, nay, 6 billions lives will be greatly improved without the thieves and murderers we call government interfering in our lives and in our peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

Secession for all, I say.