Skyler J. Collins vs. Richard D. Wolff on Capitalism and Socialism (47m) – Episode 433

Episode 433 has Skyler responding to claims and arguments made by Richard Wolff in debates with David Friedman and Gene Epstein. Topics include: Wolff’s debate tactic of feigning ignorance; Wolff’s definitions of capitalism and socialism; the concept of self-ownership; the concept of private property from original appropriation; how private firms can be organized; capitalism as a concept verse markets as a concept; and more.

Debate: Socialism/Capitalism – David Friedman vs. Richard Wolff
Debate: Socialism/Capitalism – Gene Epstein vs. Richard Wolff
Article: “How We Come to Own Ourselves” by Stephan Kinsella
Article: “Thoughts on the Latecomer and Homesteading Ideas” by Stephan Kinsella
Article: “The Voluntary Principle” by Skyler J. Collins
Article: “Anatomy of the State” by Murray Rothbard (not mentioned)
Article: “What is the Free Market?” by Murray Rothbard (not mentioned)

Listen to Episode 433 (47m, mp3, 64kbps)

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