Re: Assassination Politics

Alex, where to start? While I would much rather see state leaders assassinating political opponents than invading their country, thereby preventing mass murder, I have a hard to time with something that ignores due process. That being said, if one were found guilty in a private court of some crime and justice demands the perpetrator be found in order to pay restitution, a bounty system makes sense. Another problem with this particular scheme is that it ignores the fact that these types of people (Obama, Bernanke) are essentially irrelevant to the continued operation of their respective organizations. Take them out, and they will just be replaced. Would a greater possibility of assassination keep these individuals “in line”? Doubtful, as I’m sure they believe that they’re in the right, that their cause is just. Instead, it would probably lead to even greater control of people and markets with such schemes as legitimate targets in the eyes of most.