Purpose & Process

Helping people internalize “the right why” is better than trying to universalize your personal concept of “the right way.”

If your student wants to learn how to code in python, encourage them to stick to the syntax rules of python. If they’re just trying to create software, however, encourage them to use whatever programming language is best for the job.

If your student’s goal is to learn Spanish, challenge them to honor the grammatical rules of Spanish. If their goal is to make someone feel special, challenge them to use the love language of the intended party.

Sometimes the goal of learning is to master a specific technique, language, or protocol. Sometimes the goal is to simply get to a desired destination in way that feels comfortable and convenient for the traveler.

At a fundamental level, rules are inescapable  But we can’t know what the right rules are until we know what the right results are. And that changes from person to person.

When you coach, train, or education, never let your fascination with protocol take precedence over your client’s priorities. Helping them make progress is non-negotiable. Making them fall in love with your process is not.

Unless the process is the purpose always be willing to repurpose your process.