Professional Value, Insufferable Bitch, Responsibility, & Child Leashes (27m) – Episode 351

Episode 351 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following entries to r/unpopularopinion: yathatisveryadequate writes, “Animators should be payed WAY more than actors” and jdkdkdms writes, “Scientist should be paid more than Atheletes”; Agent_Ayru writes, “‘I’m not a morning person’ isn’t an excuse to be an insufferable bitch”; DarkMausey writes, “We are creating a society where no one is responsible for anything, and that’s a problem”; and Tweezot writes, “Keeping small children on leashes in public is extremely practical and shouldn’t be considered ‘weird’.”

Listen to Episode 351 (27m, mp3, 64kbps)

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