Practice Unabashed Curiosity

Refuse to be ashamed of anything that enhances you.

If it stimulates critical thought and creativity, consume it.

If it builds intelligence and integrity, indulge it.

If it moves you in the direction of who you want to become, run with it.

If you’re doing things that make you better, keep doing those things without being concerned about those who don’t do them.

There’s more than one right way to explore the world. Find the way that works for you.

If you find it easier to engage new perspectives through travel, then travel far and wide. If you find it more fulfilling to curl up on your couch and read novels without ever leaving your apartment, stay local without guilt.

Does it make you healthier and smarter when you buy less stuff? Buy less stuff. Does it make you feel cranky, guilty, and uninspired because you’re micromanaging the amount of stuff you have? Just buy the stuff you want and get over it.

Have the guts to read whatever you want to read. Have the guts to listen to whatever you want to listen to. Have the guts to go where you want to go. Have the guts to be enchanted by whatever enchants you.

Personal growth isn’t about impressing other people with your particular mechanism or means for personal growth. It’s about generating the outcomes and experiences that you get to freely decide you want.

Don’t apologize for how you actualize. Just actualize.