As They Perpetuate Their Endless Crimes

Many Americans become enraged in response to reports of personal misbehavior by politicians (of the other party), especially sexual misbehavior. The news media cover the matter 24/7. Allegations are periodically resurrected decades after the public has lost interest.

Meanwhile, the president, kingpins in the national-security bureaucracy, and members of Congress combine to carry out nonstop murder and mayhem in many parts of the world, killing thousands of innocent men, women, and children and destroying thousands of homes, business, schools, and hospitals, year in and year out. Hardly anyone takes notice, and those who do soon become drowsy and fall asleep.

I realize that sickness is not precisely the right concept to describe the American public’s reigning attitudes and outlooks, but it is very difficult to observe all of these things without concluding that Americans, to a very great extent, are ideologically twisted and disgustingly hypocritical. They don’t even recognize real obscenity when it hits them in the face, and very often they enthusiastically support the political sickos who act ostensibly in the public’s behalf as they perpetrate their endless crimes.