On Voter ID Discrimination

Well, obviously, blacks and other minorities are less capable of obtaining official identification due to them being poorer, or dumber, or darker, than whites. That goes without saying. However, the discrimination that occurs due to fewer “people of color” having identification does not begin and end at the ballot box. Driving requires identification, so does purchasing alcohol and cigarettes. Whites should be required to have a driver’s license and identification for adult purchases, but minorities absolutely should not, else their plight as minorities be artificially worsened. If we don’t take affirmative action to curb discrimination based on skin color by allowing those with greater amounts of melanin in their skin to operate a motor vehicle on public highways without licensure and to purchase adult products like alcohol and cigarettes without identification, then we’ll have lost the fight for civil rights which began in the first part of last century. America can do better! And that’s today’s two cents.