On the Minimum Wage

Let’s say a shop owner wanted to make his life just a little bit easier by hiring some kid, eager to make some cash, to sweep his floors and otherwise keeps things straightened up over his shift. He can only afford to pay him $5 an hour. The kid has never had a job and judges that working for the shop is his best option to make some cash and develop some skills and a work ethic. So the shop owner and the kid (with his parents’ blessing) agree on $5 an hour. With a minimum wage of $7.25, this arrangement is illegal. As such, those who support a minimum wage should be willing to employ violence against either the shop owner or the kid in order to keep them from their business. Do you support a minimum wage? Are you willing to employ violence yourself against either of these peaceful individuals? If so, you should be ashamed. Neither deserve violence. Their actions are peaceable and agreeable. A minimum wage is an act of violence against peaceful individuals. That’s despicable. That’s wrong. That’s, dare I say, evil. And that’s today’s two cents.