On the Media

Trump recently declared on Twitter that “the FAKE NEWS media” is “the enemy of the American people!” He’s not wrong, but neither was the pot calling the kettle black. Trump presides over the United States Federal Government, the same of which as a matter of creation and maintenance employs “the political means”, in the words of Franz Oppenheimer. The political means is the criminal act of conquest (contrast this with “the economic means” of production, savings, and exchange). The political means have been institutionalized in the nation-state. As political means areĀ criminal, the nation-state is, by definition, the enemy of society and of “the people”. To the extent that “the FAKE NEWS media” supports, gives cover, spreads lies and displays propaganda on behalf of the United States Federal Government, it is also engaging in criminal actions (of a conspiratorial nature). Thus, the media, just like Donald Trump and the rest of his Federal regime, are the enemy of the American people. And that’s today’s two cents.