On “The Law”

Based on my research and the research of others, there are but two relevant facts as it concerns the applicability of “the law.” They are 1) “the law” exists, as in it was created by a person or group of people at some point in time and recorded in some way, and 2) people exist within the spatial boundary as described by “the law.” What is missing is the factual connection between 1 and 2. Without a factual connection between 1 and 2, it would be incorrect to claim, at least, all of the following: a) 1 applies 2, b) people authorized by 1 have a legal right to coerce 2 in accordance with 1, and c) 2 has a legal duty to obey 1 or the people authorized by 1. In other words, without a factual connection between 1 and 2, the enforcers of 1 have no legal authority to hold 2 accountable to 1 by force. Any attempt by the enforcers of 1 to do so is an unjustified attack on 2. And that’s today’s two cents.