On Stoicism II

I study Stoicism daily, and try hard to practice what I learn. The ancient Stoic masters ranged from one being a slave to another, an emperor. To say that Stoicism is prepared for every up and down that life has to offer would be an understatement. The current COVID-19 era is no exception to that. From the beginning I’ve accepted that I will contract the novel coronavirus at some point, as will every member of my family. I probably already have without even knowing it, but in the event that it takes me down I will say: momento mori. Yes, we all have to die. Nobody escapes that inevitability. Financially, I am well prepared for my family to be taken care of, as should all those who have dependants be. Mentally, dying is a concept I think about (and at times yearn for) all the time. I tell myself that I could accept the imminent possibility of dying, but who really knows? In any event, I’ll use the time I have wisely. And that’s today’s two cents.