On Social Justice Warriors

Can you spot the similarity in these two groups? 1) conservative parents who wail against swearing and sexuality in public broadcasting, and 2) social justice warriors (and their liberal feminist compatriots) who wail against conservative speakers on college campuses. If you spotted both groups’ infantilization of others, you are correct! Infantilizing children is, in my opinion, mostly disrespectful, but not too unreasonable considering how impressionable and ignorant they are. I may not agree with the particulars, but a parent’s job is to protect their child, after all. Is it the job of self-appointed social justice warriors to protect their supposedly more impressionable and ignorant peers from “obviously” racist and sexist ideology? They sure seem to think so, which tells us quite a bit about what these social justice warriors think about the intelligence of their fellow students. And that’s today’s two cents.