On Profits

As lamentable as profit is for some people, the state can only guarantee it for some while denying it for others. If profits are taxed away, then the state is guaranteeing it for themselves and their constituents. If production is prohibited or made more costly, then the state is guaranteeing it for those who aren’t prohibited , those who choose to ignore the prohibition, or those who can more easily absorb the state-created artificial costs. On the contrary, without the state, profits are never guaranteed for anyone. Without taxation, prohibition, and regulation, anytime someone makes a profit, everyone else is put on notice that there’s profit to be made. It’s a very short period before unhampered, opportunistic entrepreneurs and capitalists race in to compete it away with better products and methods. No one is guaranteed profit sans the state, so if you find profit objectionable, then completely free markets are your best bet to see it diminished. Welcome to the club! And that’s today’s two cents.