On Procrastinating Important Change

My wife’s favorite phrase, one that she shares with me often is, “Don’t leave for tomorrow the things you can do today.” I believe Benjamin Franklin first recorded it, but I doubt he was the first to think it. My wife heard it growing up in Mexico City. It’s sound advice, though difficult for me to admit. Procrastination has been a constant companion of mine. Looking back, I think that we procrastinate doing things that we really don’t want to do. I procrastinated school work and house work all the time, for that obvious reason. What I didn’t procrastinate, what I didn’t “leave for tomorrow,” was the abolition of punishment and of compulsory education of my children. As soon as I was convinced, I went into hyper drive to change our family culture for the better. And in the spirit of the season, I am very grateful to my wife for deciding to stand with me in our unconventional, nay, radical approach to raising a family. And that’s today’s two cents.