On Pedophiles

It’s probably one of the most controversial feelings to hold, but I feel it must be said: there are few groups of people I hold as much pity for than pedophiles. Think about it. To be a pedophile, the kind of person who has a sexual preference for small children, is to grow up abused, and then to add insult to injury, to be prohibited by society from experiencing their sexual preference. Just imagine if society forbade you from your sexual preference. For me, that’s women. To be severely punished for acting on my sexual preference, or to engage in intense sexual repression, would be a prison of the worst kind. I don’t believe that my sexual preference is a choice. It came about in some way, and it’s here to stay. Pedophiles are victimized twice, and that really sucks for them. It’s one of the greatest tragedies of humanity, methinks. So what’s the solution? Beyond ending the abuse of children, I don’t know. Once that sexual preference exists, what can we as (I hope) compassionate people do about it? I truly don’t know. And that’s today’s two cents.