On Parent-Child Relationships

It seems to me that the number one quality of a good relationship is trust. If we as parents want a good relationship with our children, it must be built through trust. Parents must trust kids to know how they feel and how they are feeling, to know what most interests them, to know how to learn things and how to learn things that need to be learned before learning other things, and to recognize problems and figure out, alone or with help, how to fix them. Children must trust their parents to respect their bodies, to not hurt them, to always love them, to answer their inquiries honestly, to accept their emotional state, to help give them valuable information freely, out of love, and to help them, not judge them, with their problems. Building a good relationship with your kids is really no different than with your best friends. Trust goes both ways, and I don’t think a good relationship can be built without it. And that’s today’s two cents.