On Jurisdiction

State lawmakers and law enforcement officers claim jurisdiction over their citizenry, meaning, they claim that the laws the make and enforce are applicable to those they claim are their citizens. What facts and evidence of those facts do they have to prove their claim? Dig deep enough, throwing out non-responsive answers to that question (non-factual, irrelevant, without evidence), the honest seeker of truth soon discovers they only basis for their jurisdiction: their guns. And that’s precisely the goal of such questioning, to reveal to the world the foundation of their power and the applicability of their laws. It’s not birthright or constitutions or majority rule or any of that other nonsense. It’s firepower. Bullets to the brain. And with that revelation the voluntaryist position on the state becomes clear: the state, the government, is nothing more in fact than a criminal syndicate enjoying and profiting off of a widespread, coercively perpetuated but mistaken perception of legitimacy. Given enough time and resources, any crime lord or street tough could obtain for itself the same perception. Does that mean we owe them our allegiance, our duty, our obedience, our praise, our honor? I think not. And that’s today’s two cents.