On Indoctrination

The recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham on evolution and creationism was sparked by both men arguing that their views should be taught in public schools. What neither seem to realize is the incompatibility with their views and the institution of schooling, of compulsory education. As a Christian creationist, Ham, I must assume, believes in the supremacy of free will, meaning, the freedom to act according to one’s will and conscience. And as a scientist, Bill Nye, again I must assume, believes in the supremacy of free inquiry, meaning, the freedom to explore the world around you. Schooling is a violation of both free will and free inquiry, as I have here defined them. Whether creationism or evolution, what is taught in school is done so on the basis of compulsion, which necessarily disregards the free will and free inquiry of children. And that’s today’s two cents.