On Independence

Why do we call acts of political secession¬†independence? When we speak of these things, we do so from the perspective of “the people” in contrast to the state. From whence lies the dependence of which we are now independent? The people are not dependent on the state, but rather, the state is dependent on the people. Without the people’s resources and tolerance, the state would not exist.¬†Independence Day, no matter the locale in which it is celebrated, is a misnomer by those celebrating it, for the independence now exists on the other side vis a vis the people celebrating (eg. Great Britain lost their dependence, became independent, from the American colonies). The people were never dependent on the state, so the dependence that was removed by political secession was the state’s, not the people’s. May more and more states be liberated from their dependence on the people, is my wish. And that’s today’s two cents.