On Impregnation

Are you reading this? Good. Keep reading. I’ve been writing and podcasting about voluntaryist ideas for over 10 years now. In all of that time, my words have found their way inside the minds of other people, including you. Those words are arranged in the forms of arguments and commentary. They’ve entered your mind, sometimes quickly, other times slowly, but always willingly. Once there, they were either archived away or found a patch of fertile soil. They took root, and grew to some size; maybe small, maybe large; and in some form. In that time, you have been impregnated. One day, perhaps, your mind will give birth, and your words will impregnate someone else. With each generation, old ideas take root, are modified by other ideas, and come out into the world as new ideas. It gives me joy to know that I have impregnated so many others, and they likewise, in this way. I believe that everyone I have impregnated is better off than they were before. Agree or not, their own ideas are affected by my words, and are changed in some way. Always pregnant, always impregnating. That’s why I do what I do. You’re welcome, and thank you. And that’s today’s two cents.