On “I Liked School”

It’s not very common, but I’ve heard other adults tell me that they liked school growing up in response to my saying that I, and most people I knew, hated it. I’m sure they did like school, or at least, liked it better than the alternatives, which likely did not include staying home and pursuing their passions. I think we can equate this attitude with many who say “I like my job!” The important question, however, is, “If you could earn just as much, or otherwise have all of your needs and wants provided for, would you still go to work?” I believe that some people would say yes. They are among the fortunate few to be working pursuant to their passions. But I’m skeptical that this group would break two digits as a percentage of those who claim to like their job. They like it well and good in light of the alternatives, or else they likely wouldn’t be doing it. Same goes for school. And that’s today’s two cents.